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PhD Day 2022


On February 1st, 2022, PhD students from the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Architecture at Graz University of Technology presented their research questions and findings within a virtual exhibition tour organized and curated by the Institute of Contemporary Art (IZK).

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Herbert Eichholzer Award 2021


The central theme of this year’s Herbert Eichholzer Award was titled “Student Life in St. Leonhard” and challenged students from the Faculty of Architecture to design an ideal student habitat on the building site Leonhardsraße 61 in Graz, selected because of its central location between two...

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Gender Taskforce gewinnt “Mind the Gap – Diversity Award 2021”


This year’s “Mind the Gap – Diversity Award” went to the Gender Taskforce Team consisting of Petra Petersson (Dean of the Faculty of Architecture), Ena Kukić, Anna Sachsenhofer and Budour Khalil (Institute of Construction and Design Principles). The prize, presented by Vice Rector Stefan Vorbach, is...

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Bruno Raškaj wins first prize at the GAD Awards 21 with ‘Reliquiae Reliquiarum’


The Institute of Construction and Design Principles (KOEN) responded to current COVID-19 travel restrictions by creating a “Journey through the Everyday” together with nine colleagues and 128 students at the institute. An excursion within students’ own four walls was organized by Ena Kukić and Armin...

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GAD Awards 21


On October 14, 2021 the Grazer Architekturdiplompreise (Graz Architecture Diploma Awards) were awarded for the 19th time. The international jury, including Jeanette Kuo (Harvard GSD/Karamuk Kuo, Zurich), Vera Bühlmann (Vienna University of Technology) und Irmgard Frank (Vienna), met at the Graz...

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"Where City and Territory Meet..."


Initiated by the Institute for Urbanism, the online symposium entitled “Where City and Territory Meet…,” held on September 16th and 17th, 2021 brought together members of the faculty and international guests.

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“WAUXI”-Wall Structure Awarded 3rd Prize at the IASS Symposium


The project “WAUXI – Wall Auxetic Structure Installation” was developed as part of the course “Supporting Structures in Design” in the winter semester 2020/21 at the Institute of Structural Design under the direction of Christoph Holzinger and David Gierlinger and was further developed independently...

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CALL FOR PAPERS | Incomputable Earth—Digital Technologies and the Anthropocene


Incomputable Earth—Digital Technologies and the Anthropocene, edited by Antonia Majaca, is the outcome of the long-term research project The Incomputable, developed at IZK and funded by FWF. The forthcoming edited volume published by Bloomsbury stems from an ongoing investigation into the...

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Transforming City Regions


In the winter semester 2020/21, as part of the Integral Design Studio “Transforming City Regions – IBA’27 Konversion Klinikumsareal Sindelfingen,” which was held across groups by the Endowed Chair for Wood Architecture under the direction of Tom Kaden and Aglaée Degros (Institute of Urbanism),...

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Call for Papers | GAM.18


Application deadline: May 25, 2021