Quality assurance and certification of construction products
- Basics of Quality-Assurance and Quality-Management - EN ISO 9000 series - EU Construction Products Regulation - Accreditation of institutes for testing, inspection, calibration and certification - QA of testing and inspection laboratories - QA and QM of construction products und environmental labels - QA and QM in the AEC and public authority
Instruction of quality-management und certification of construction materials

Life Cycle Assessment
The lecture teaches the basics of life cycle assessment and applies them in practice with specific examples. LCA is a systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of products throughout their entire life cycle ("from cradle to grave"). The life cycle analysis includes all environmental impacts during production, the use phase and the disposal of the product, as well as the associated upstream and downstream processes (e.g. production of raw materials, consumables and supplies). The LCA methodology presented here is based on the relevant standards (ISO 14040/14044). In addition, the application of LCA in the building industry is dealt with in greater detail and examples of its application to building products and buildings as well as the normative principles (EN 15804/15978) are dealt with.
Students acquire basic knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its application to building products and buildings.

Building Information Modeling - Vertiefungs-Projekt