STS/Publications/Nicki Lisa COLE

Nicki L. COLE: Selected Publications

Cole, Nicki Lisa. 2018. “Consolidating the social, environmental and economic risks, challenges and opportunities in gold mining: an overview of existing research.” Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. [digital] (available upon request) 

 Cole, Nicki Lisa. 2018. “To right the wrongs in gold mining, focus on good governance.” Stockholm Environment Institute. [digital]

 Cole, Nicki Lisa. 2016. “iPhone or iExploit? More than a Decade of Rampant Labor Violations in Apple's Supply Chain,” Truthout, August 25. [digital]

 Cole, Nicki Lisa. 2016. “What I Learned From the Mining Community That Produced My Engagement Ring,” Truthout, June 1. [digital]

 Cole, Nicki Lisa. 2016. “Say Hello to the Real Apple: Complicating the Dominant Media Narrative of a Digital Technology Giant.” Media Education 4@ Digital Generation, eds. Julie Frechette and Rob Williams. New York, NY: Routledge.

 Cole, Nicki Lisa. 2015. "Definitely Not “Better”: The Hidden Costs of iPhone 6 ." IAS-STS white paper.

 Cole, Nicki Lisa and Tara Krishna. 2013. “Apple exposed: the untold story of globalization,” pp. 331-351 in Censored 2014: fearless speech in fateful times, eds. Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth. New York, NY: Seven Stories Press.